"We become what we behold.
We shape our tools and
then our tools shape us."




Jason Pearson is a husband. Father of 5. Artist. Writer. Connoisseur of Green River Soda.

Growing up in Chicago, Pearson wasn’t a straight “A” student. So he changed his address to have his report cards mailed to 1060 West Addison. (That’s right, Wrigley Field.)

Pearson cut his teeth in the music industry creating album campaigns for David Bowie, Nine Inch Nails, Aphex Twin, Gil Scott-Heron and a bunch of artists you’ve never hear of. He was the co-founder of Blender Magazine which was sold to Dennis Publishing. Blender was the first digital publication to be included in the permanent collections of the Smithsonian and the Victoria & Albert Museums. Blender was named Ad Age magazine of the year.

Hidden deep inside the Tommy Hilfiger Building in NYC, Pearson co-founded the Dennis Interactive Agency developing creative for clients including: Nike, Mercedes, Disney, Levis, Coke and Apple. Blender and its sister publication Maxim, were sold to Quadrangle Capital Partners.

Pearson moved to California and founded Online Giving, an innovative technology platform for nonprofits. Online Giving was successfully acquired by Starwire, a Sequoia Capital & Kleiner Perkins investment start-up. In 2001 Pearson started Pearpod, a creative media company offering a wide range of services.

Pearson creates and exhibits large oil painting portraits (which can be seen here). He was included in “New York Magazine’s 60 Digital Visionaries” and was named to the “Samsung Braintrust.” He has won numerous creative awards including the Gold One Club Award.

Pearson hopes to one day own a pet blobfish.

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